In Case You Missed It: ICI’s Sanjay G. Reddy in Economics & Political Weekly

Last fall our our co-Academic Director Sanjay G. Reddy published an article in Economics & Political Weekly, a weekly publication from Mumbai.

Heres’ an excerpt from Economics_beyond_the_Economists:

The Government of India has rightly emphasised the concept of inclusive growth, even if it has been widely interpreted in an insufficiently demanding way. One of the virtues of this concept is that it is constituted of two parts, namely “inclusively” and “growth”. For inclusive growth to take place, growth must both occur and be sufficiently broadly realized. In particular, inclusivity of economic growth entails growth in incomes that is sufficiently broad-based to include diverse persons (ideally, the vast majority, including most especially poorer persons) distributed across regions and social groups. The growth process which has been taking place in India has certainly been unsatisfactory in this regard, given its unbalanced nature: the presence of a few limited zones of prosperity and dynamism alongside large sections of the population realising insufficient improvements in living standards and marked regional unevenness.