Mumbai arrival

Street shave 225x300 Mumbai arrival

Spices and onions

After almost 22 hours of flying and traveling, I’ve arrived to Mumbai. The first few  hours served to acknowledge the place, the smells, the language, the chaotic movement, rickshaws, taxis, cows, sounds, views, rain, fog, contrasts and people. Amazing. It clearly comes with an overwhelming sense of globalisation and culture shock. In many ways, I find several customs and things similar to Colombia and the way of living in my home country. Although chaotic, I believe the weather influences greatly, serving as an important factor to make the gap between social classes even more notorious.

First day of Mumbai and I was impressed already with the exquisite cuisine. Being a South Indian food fan, some of the vegetarian platters I tried today were delicious, offering a wide range of flavours, spices and smells. Accommodation is quite good and it has a nice working area where I plan to update as frequent as possible my fellow readers. Tomorrow at 11 am, I’ll meet in person Mewsic  staff, get to know the area a bit better and plan the details for the project. Until next time!

Cow at Khar station 300x225 Mumbai arrival

Cow at Khar station

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