The India China Institute (ICI) hosts a number of visiting scholars from India and China, as well as academics that specialize in issues within the countries. Their residencies at The New School /ICI usually  last from 5 days to several semesters, and scholars often teach a course or offer a series of public talks, meet with other scholars in the New York area and often serve as a consultant for ICI’s academic programming initiatives. To learn more, click on their profiles below.


2014 Visiting Scholars

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”cui_zhiyuan”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”Qin Gao”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”Mmohanty”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”vamsicharan_vakulabharanam”]


2013 Visiting Scholars

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”li-bo”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”sukh-deo-muni”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”vamsicharan_vakulabharanam”]


2012 Visiting Scholars

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”yao-yang”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”prem_shankar_jha”]