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Are you…

  • Looking for research on India China studies?
  • Considering a volunteer or RA position to enhance your writing, research and administrative skills?
  • Searching for ways to study and travel for your research interests?

Since the inception of the India China Institute (ICI) in 2005, active engagement with students has been central to the development of course curriculum, grant and scholarship offerings and the dissemination of information concerning India China studies. In addition, student volunteers and research assistants are significant contributors to ICI’s day-to-day operations, assisting with research projects, public programming and administrative tasks. Students gain not only valuable knowledge about India China relations, but invaluable volunteer and work experiences that will assist them in their future educational and professional endeavors.

There is plenty of room to grow at ICI. Students that have participated in our grant and fellowship programs have gone on to become ICI-affiliated scholars; applying their knowledge to investigate, research and develop new scholarship. For Ph.D students and post-graduate scholars, ICI provides academic and research support and opportunities to publish and/or present their work at academic conferences and institutional think-tanks across the globe.

Below are some of ICI’s initiatives and services designed to support students with their research on issues pertaining to India and China.

Here’s what some of our past students had to say:

Ida Benedetto
Through a six-week visit to Darjeeling, India, I set out to explore the implications of the British colonial legacy on the current tea industry, specifically in context of the Sanjukta Vikas Cooperative 10km outside of the town of Darjeeling, and how the cooperative is faring now in the new markets of fair trade and organic tea…I am using the material from the time spent in Darjeeling to open up a conversation between the communities that both have histories of armed political engagement and are now trying to make space for themselves in the fair trade systems.
Ida Benedetto2006 Student FellowParsons, The New School