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PRESENTATION: ICI Fellow Milind Murugkar on Indian Food Security & the WTO
Description: Former ICI Fellow Milind Murugkar (2008-10) has recently put together an interesting presentation on the National Food Security Act in India and its connection to the World Trade Organization (WTO) for a talk in Delhi in July of 2014 titled “Coordinated Compliance: NFSA and WTO.” View presentation [Powerpoint PPT or Acrobat PDF].


9780415603782BOOK: The Dao of World Politics: Towards a Post-Westphalian, Worldist International Relations (Routledge, 2014)


Description: L.H.M. Ling, a former ICI Fellow and a current member of ICI’s Faculty Advisory Committee theorizes that we may develop a richer, more representative approach towards sustainable and democratic governance by offering a non-Western alternative to hegemonic debates in IR. The book presents the story of world politics by integrating folk tales and popular culture with policy analysis. It does not exclude current models of liberal internationalism but rather brackets them for another day, another purpose. The deconstruction of IR as a singular unifying school of thought through the lens of a non-Westphalian analytic shows a unique perspective on the forces that drive and shape world politics. This book suggests new ways to articulate and act so that global politics is more inclusive and less coercive. Only then, the book claims, could IR realize what the dao has always stood for: a world of compassion and care.

Click here for more details on the book. In the Fall of 2013 ICI hosted a book launch and discussion. You can watch the event here.


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Two Countries: Many Relationships; India and China @ Orozco Room (7th flr), The New School
May 5 @ 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Two Countries: Many Relationships; India and China @ Orozco Room (7th flr), The New School

The India China Institute is proud to host Madame Nirupama Rao for a talk exploring the trajectory of relations between these two Asian giants, so near and still so far from each other. Issues left over from the past still cast long shadows although the two nations and their leaders have built systems of interaction and dialogue that have helped maintain a peaceful environment in relations between them. Has the advent of strong, personality-driven leadership in both countries been a factor for closer understanding that can promote an accelerated settlement of outstanding issues or will the accelerated rise of China only intensify competition and strategic mistrust between the two neighbors?

Nirupama Menon Rao is a 1973 batch Indian Foreign Service officer, who served as India’s Foreign Secretary from 2009 to 2011, as well as being India’s Ambassador to the United States, China and Sri Lanka (High Commissioner) during her career. In July 2009, she became the second woman to hold the post of India’s Foreign Secretary, the head of the Indian Foreign Service. In her career she served in several capacities including, Minister of Press, Information and Culture in Washington DC, Deputy Chief of Mission in Moscow, stints in the MEA as Joint Secretary, East Asia and External Publicity, the latter position making her the first woman spokesperson of the MEA, Chief of Personnel, Ambassador to Peru and China, and High Commissioner to Sri Lanka.

Nepal: A Year Since The Earthquake @ Orozco Room (712)
May 6 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Nepal: A Year Since The Earthquake @ Orozco Room (712)

International Crisis Group Annual Report

Nepal’s Divisive New Constitution: An Existential Crisis

The International Crisis Group, with support by India China Institute, will present their latest report titled “Nepal’s Divisive New Constitution: An Existential Crisis.”

The earthquakes that rocked Nepal in Spring 2015 were followed by a period of political instability linked to a contentious constitution-writing process. Nepal’s constitutional process has engendered an uptick in sharp rhetoric and geopolitical discontent.

This special event includes a discussion panel that aims to reformulate the disagreements regarding Nepal’s current political situation. The new Crisis Group report will serve as a starting block. Labels and shorthand –such as “progressive” and “status quoist” –have become common currency but do not capture the complexity of Nepali society and politics.

This conversation will attempt to move beyond labels and reframe the discourse in more realistic and productive terms. Panelists will examine the political, legal, and human rights angles to prevent further instability as well as how the international community can engage constructively and respectfully.

Discussion Panel:

Anagha Neelakantan and Ashish Pradhan, International Crisis Group

  • To speak about Nepal’s political situation and to provide in-depth analysis of the dynamics mentioned above using the new Crisis Group Nepal report as a starting block.

Rohan Edrisinha, UN Department of Political Affairs (formerly with UNDP in Nepal)

  • To speak from a constitutional law perspective about where the new document succeeds in formalising the socio-political changes set out in the agreements that envision Nepal’s transition, where it falls short, and what can be done moving forward to address the grievances and anxieties of all communities, especially dissenting groups.

Richard Bennett, Amnesty International (formerly with OHCHR-Nepal)

  • To discuss why it is important to protect those who dissent and all populations affected by protests, and to investigate protest-related deaths and the use of force to address political and social disagreements.
Public Talk & Book Launch: China’s Future @ Lang Center (Rm 202)
May 9 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Chinas Future

Join India China Institute for a discussion on what the future holds for China with David Shambaugh.

Book Description

China’s future is arguably the most consequential question in global affairs. Having enjoyed unprecedented levels of growth, China is at a critical juncture in the development of its economy, society, polity, national security, and international relations. The direction the nation takes at this turning point will determine whether it stalls or continues to develop and prosper.

Will China be successful in implementing a new wave of transformational reforms that could last decades and make it the world’s leading superpower? Or will its leaders shy away from the drastic changes required because the regime’s power is at risk? If so, will that lead to prolonged stagnation or even regime collapse? Might China move down a more liberal or even democratic path? Or will China instead emerge as a hard, authoritarian and aggressive superstate?

In this new book, David Shambaugh argues that these potential pathways are all possibilities – but they depend on key decisions yet to be made by China’s leaders, different pressures from within Chinese society, as well as actions taken by other nations. Assessing these scenarios and their implications, he offers a thoughtful and clear study of China’s future for all those seeking to understand the country’s likely trajectory over the coming decade and beyond.


About David Shambaugh

David Shambaugh is is an internationally recognized authority and author on contemporary China and the international relations of Asia, with a strong interest in the European Union and transatlantic issues. He is currently the Director of the China Policy Program and a Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University. Professor Shambaugh is a prolific author, having published more than 30 books and 300 articles.

Mountains and Sacred Landscapes Conference @ The New School
Apr 20 – Apr 23 all-day
Mountains and Sacred Landscapes Conference @ The New School

The India China Institute (ICI) at The New School, the International Society for the Study of Religion, Nature and Culture (ISSRNC), American University’s Center for Latin America and Latino Studies (CLALS), and the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) are excited to announce an international conference on the theme of mountains and sacred landscapes, to be held at The New School in New York City from Thursday April 20th to Sunday April 23rd, 2017. The conference will include the latest research on the intersections or religion, nature and culture and will also feature special presentation from the India China Institute’s three-year research project on Sacred Landscapes and Sustainable Futures in the Himalaya (Sacred Himalaya Initiative).

Diverse mountain communities from the Himalaya to the Andes to the Appalachians face growing pressures linked to social and ecological changes. Melting glaciers, shifting agricultural patterns, conflicts over mining and resource extraction, and risks to livelihoods, the consequences of increasingly erratic global climate change, pose unknown future challenges to many sacred landscapes, including mountain communities and ecosystems and those beings, human and nonhuman alike, who rely on these habitats. Scholars have even suggested we have entered a fundamentally new geologic epoch called the Anthropocene.

The conference seeks to critically explore how the idea of sacred landscapes is entangled with these communities, with a particular interest in topics related to mountain landscapes. Some of the issues we hope to explore include: major challenges and opportunities facing communities in the 21st century; religious conceptualizations of place and landscape; relationships between mountain spiritualities and peoples adapting to climate change; traditional ecological knowledge held by communities that can help address issues of social and ecological justice; the future of mountain and forest peoples; and the fate of more than human worlds inhabiting these diverse landscapes. What kinds of meanings shape and are shaped by the effects of climate change, mass extinction, human population growth and ecological degradation of mountains, forests, rivers and other sacred landscapes? How do ritual activities linked to sacred landscapes respond to environmental challenges, or not? How do mountains—as highly biodiverse ecosystems, as critical sources of water, energy, and materials, as repositories of tradition, and as sacred beings—remain vital components in ongoing processes of religious change? How do understandings of the sacred manifest within and across different landscapes, such as deserts, rivers or forests?

More details about the conference are available on the conference page here.



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