Slideshow: Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India

Below is the presentation for the March 10, 2011 event, Assessing the Economic Rise of China and India, by Pranab K. Bardhan.

Urbanization and Globalization

The India China Institute chose Urbanization and Globalization as the theme of its inaugural two-year fellowship program with the aim of investigating the effects of large-scale migration, the rapid transformation and redevelopment of cities, and the kind
of governance and policy needed to respond to this unprecedented phenomenon. This pioneering group of fellows from diverse backgrounds met at three residencies and public conferences in New York, India, and China between 2006-8.

The fellows drew on their intensive residencies and study trips to produce an array of innovative, influential, and far-reaching work. They are becoming global resources, reaching beyond their own institutions to speak at conferences, giving interviews and writing op-eds in local, national and international media, and publishing writings that reflect their deepened knowledge of both countries.

The first cohort’s works have been collected in our publication Parallax Visions, as well as in an edited volume Growing Cities in a Shrinking World: The Challenges of Urbanisms in India and China.