“Smog Rules the City”

Today I had a great experience at CSE (the Centre for Science and Environment).  A wonderful woman named Mahreen, the program director of the water team there, took time out of her day on short notice to sit down and extensively talk about what the water team does as well as explained key information about water systems in India.  I captured audio and video of the whole experience for my amateur documentary but basically she explained their work in decentralizing water treatment facilities and using natural processes.  I learned about bioremediation as well as the process that CSE uses in their very own treatment facility on their beautiful campus.  The process is extensive but the most interesting part was one of the final stages in which local, hearty wetland plants filter out remaining sulfur and phosphorus necessary for their survival while the remaining water is left behind, with dramatically lower levels of phosphorus and sulfur.  The water is used for on campus horticulture.
I want to talk about the interesting signage I have seen as well as the gender dynamics I have experienced so far.  Many counters for ticket purchases will be separated by gender, there are separate metal detectors in subways and malls for male and female, and even seats designated for”ladies” on subways.  On the other hand I admire Indian women in delhi’s “badass-ness” in their ability to ride motorcycles in flowing traditional indian attire as well as balance perfectly on the end of one that a man drives as they carry two babies and a flat screen T.V., their bargaining ferocity, the way they cross streets with no fear of being run over by crazed rikshaw drivers, and the way they balance huge bags on their heads and walk with confident, nonchalant looks like they haven’t just done the most incredible thing.  I thought I was tough but I’ll be lucky to pick up 2% of the strength of these women.

Lastly take a look at this no nonsense sign

outside of our airbnb to the right–>

It makes me look every time because it is so shocking to me to see official signage that addresses the implications of an everyday act such as littering (that I personally despise and anyone who spends time with me will have been scolded more than once for throwing trash on the ground).  It reads, “What is the point of your education if you still throw garbage on streets to be ultimately picked by an uneducated person.”

Have yet to even see water but already have learned so much.  Will check in again soon…

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