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ICI supports research, teaching and discussion on India, China and the United States.


The India China Institute (ICI) at The New School supports research, teaching and discussion on India, China and the US, with special focus on making comparisons and understanding interactions between the three countries as well as their joint impact on the rest of the world. ICI is the hub of an international network of scholars, leaders, and opinion-makers working to promote academic and public understandings of India and China.

Scholarly Network

From graduate students and junior faculty to prominent senior scholars, the India China Institute works with an impressive network of leading thinkers on India and China. Find out more about the work being done by our scholars and scholarly resources on India China.

Emerging Scholars

This initiative provides an opportunity for young scholars from India and China to present their ongoing research in a formal academic setting. An annual international conference in NY offers an important venue for up and coming scholars to showcase their work.

Student Fellows

Since the inception of ICI, active engagement with students has been central to the dissemination of information concerning India China studies. Every year ICI supports a group of students as they head to India and China to conduct academic research and fieldwork.

Upcoming Events

all-day Deadline to Apply – Faculty Rese... @ The New School
Deadline to Apply – Faculty Rese... @ The New School
Mar 1 all-day
Deadline to Apply - Faculty Research & Curriculum Development Grants @ The New School
The Faculty Research and Curriculum Development Grants will support new or continuing research, curriculum development and student engagement on India and China by faculty in any division of The New School. Six Faculty Research Awards read on

Sacred Himalaya

A three-year, Luce funded initiative, the Sacred Himalaya Initiative (SHI) explores the interconnections between everyday religion, ecology and sacred landscapes linked to Mount Kailas in Tibet.

CISLI Scholar-Leaders

The China India Scholar-Leaders Initiative supports promising young scholar-leaders who are using interdisciplinary research methods to grapple with complex questions related to prosperity and inequality in China and India.

Economies & Societies

Our latest project for the Economies and Societies Initiative is a special colloquium bringing senior scholars together, called the Colloquium on the Economies and Societies of India and China (CESIC).


Urbanizers of China and India is a new, multi-year engagement to explore new dimension of inequality & the pursuit of social justice from the perspective of those who are making the 21st century cities of India and China.

ICI Fellows Blog - Fieldnotes From India & China

From the Bagmati to the Ganga