The India China Institute maintains partnerships with a global network of organizations whose interests correlate with ICI’s research and academic activities. We have worked closely with academics or consultants in India and China in generating support for our programs and initiatives, in particular the Centre for Policy Research, Horizon Research Consultancy Group and Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action & Research, all which have played major roles in co-designing of programming, identifying candidates and the selection of fellows during ICI’s first eight years of programming in India and China.  

ICI is grateful for the invaluable contribution of the following professionals that have not only helped create a ‘hub’ for ICI and in addition to the above, assisted  ICI in identifying external collaborations, coordinating academic programming at Indian and Chinese universities and research institutions, conference logistical support and the administrative duties needed to assist ICI’s mandate in bridging the gap in scholarship between India and China.  

e0d85a5b01a5298911afa6efa692663e-bpfull Nimmi Kuren
Jianying Zha China Representative (2005 – Present) Dr. Nimmi Kurian India Representative
Centre for Policy Research
(2011 – Present)

shubhagato Anita-PD-150x150
Dr. Shubhagato Dasgupta India Representative
Centre for Policy Research
Dr. Anita Patil-Deshmukh India Representative
Partners for Urban Knowledge, Action & Research


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