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The India China Institute (ICI) has successfully built an international network of scholars from various disciplines. Over the past decade, ICI has supported over 100 Indian, Chinese and U.S. based independent researchers, scholars and opinion makers and offered the academic, financial, and professional support needed to focus on trilateral exchanges.

After ICI scholars complete their initial work, the opportunities to remain involved with us are limitless, as they continue to be engaged in the development of our programs. ICI scholars have served as academic consultants in shaping course curriculum, both for The New School and universities in India and China. Not only does ICI provide opportunities to publish research findings and journal articles, but ICI scholars have contributed to our principal research projects and actively participate at ICI-hosted events as respondents, facilitators and presenters.

ICI scholars are regarded as prominent figures in their fields of study and have been called on by national and international media outlets to address current social, cultural political, economic and environmental issues that affect India, China and the United States. Furthermore, our affiliations with The New School provide an environment for established scholars to visit, conduct research and collaborate with faculty.

The connections made during the time spent at The New School have created lasting relationships. The opportunity to engage in important conversations has created a vibrant network that has continued conversations beyond just ICI. Listed below are the current programs and initiatives, as well as a list of current and previous ICI scholars.

The principal attractions of the ICI Fellowship are twofold: First, the program focuses on that region of the world which is becoming increasingly more relevant in the global arena, not only because of their economic growth rate and geopolitical significances, but as ongoing experiments in development processes that affects the life of a vast multitude. Second, the program provides an intellectual space to collaborate with colleagues and experts from diverse fields of knowledge. This enables the interested researcher to examine different issues concerning these two vast and complex nations from multiple perspectives.
Lopamudra Banerjee2008-10 India China Fellow; Assistant Professor of EconomicsNew School for Social Research

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