The India China Fellowship served as a cornerstone of research, exchange, and collaboration among experts from The New School, India, and China. Beginning in 2006, ICI offered two-year fellowships to academics, entrepreneurs, policy experts, politicians, artists, and journalists through a generous gift from The Starr Foundation. Six years and three rounds of fellowships later, the program has grown to include 37 fellows, representing over 15 academic disciplines and fields of expertise.

Fellows are listed below according to their cohort. More information about each group is available by clicking on the headline theme and year. For more details and information about the India China Fellowship program, click here.

India China Fellows by Cohort (Theme and Year)


Social Innovation for Sustainable Environments (2010-2013)

Prosperity and Inequality (2008-2010)

Urbanization and Globalization (2006-2008)

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