As part of the Sacred Himalaya Initiative, ICI scholars and research assistants collected numerous folk stories from across the KSL region. Based on the stories collected over three years, two books of folk stories from the region have now been published. One book is titled Shared Sacred Landscapes: Stories from Mount Kailas, Tise & Kang Rinpoche and the other book is titled Folk Gods: Stories from Kailas, Tise & Kang Rinpoche. Cover images for both books are shown below.

The books were published in 2017 by Vajra Books in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Shared Sacred Landscapes book is edited and re-told by noted authors Kamla K. Kapur and Prawin Adhikari, and includes 7 stories expanded upon by the authors. The Folk Gods book features 10 original folk stories retold by Prawin Adhikari. Each book will be published in translations with Hindi, Nepali, Tibetan and Mandarin.

Shared Sacred Landscapes Folk Gods


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