This page contains the most recent New School courses offered in the previous registration cycle and previous courses in which future availability is undetermined. ICI’s intent is illustrative rather than exhaustive, but we suggest that students periodically check in as to their future availability by checking either our main course offerings page, or the University Course Catalog page.

Undergraduate – Fall 2014

Bollywood: From Local Industry to Global Brand – PLVS 2006

This course will explore Bollywood’s aesthetics, styles and main themes, and evaluate its current situation and trends, focusing on its ongoing metamorphosis into a global brand and its reception and growing impact worldwide.

Buddhism and Gender – LREL 3068

Students look at the complex and potentially problematic relationships between Buddhist philosophy and Buddhist institutions, taking into account a broad spectrum of perspectives, both historical and contemporary. Engaging the work of scholars, visionaries, artists, monks and nuns, the class engages written and visual materials from India, China, Japan, Tibet, and the West.

Global Media Activism – LCST 3071 

Global Internet Activism argues that digital media impacts real life politics by exploring technology-enabled political activism outside the United States and Europe. How can digital media help to mobilize citizens? The class is structured around case studies from Brazil, China, Russia, Iraq, Iran, Serbia, and South Korea.

Non-Western Approaches to the World – NINT 5379

Scholars of international relations increasingly recognize the need to take into account non-Western, non-Westphalian understandings of the world and its version of world politics. Yet they are usually at a loss as to how to do so. Few IR scholars in the West (including many from the non-West) are trained in how so-called Others think about, relate to, and act in the world. This course aims to amend this gap, albeit in a limited way.

Religion in South Asia – LREL 2030 

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Indian philosophy and religion. It covers all the major philosophical schools, concepts, issues, and debates in a chronological framework. Students read both translations of primary sources as well as materials from secondary sources.

The Transformations of India & China – ULEC 2710 

This course surveys the major historical transformations of India and China over the past sixty years. The first part of the course examines the foundations of post-independent India and revolutionary China. How did they formulate and pursue their respective visions of modernity vis-a-vis existing models of liberal capitalist democracy and state socialism? We analyze their alternative patterns of nationalist mobilization, state formation and political change and how these related to dynamics of industrialization, poverty and inequality.

Urbanizing Asia – LANT 2031 

The course explores the emergence and processes of urbanization in Asia through ethnographies. The course will examine urban development of specific Asian cities by focusing on urban problems and challenges including poverty, housing, sustainability and civil society as well as the ways in which city-dwellers, developers and organizations are working to address them.

Graduate – Fall 2014

Great Transformations – GPOL 6434 

This seminar analyzes the comparative political economy of the modern welfare state in comparative historical perspective. It addresses the following questions: Why did the modern welfare state emerge in the twentieth century? What factors explain the variety of processes of capital accumulation and social protection across the world? What have been the consequences of these differences for patterns of human welfare, democratic politics and economic change?

Labor Economics 1: Labor, Development and Gender – GECO 6270 

The course, which is jointly offered to MA and Ph.D. student would be run in a seminar format with 1-2 initial overview lectures and then presentations by the students on the particular topics. This course will examine key labor economic issues in developing countries with a particular emphasis on gender issues.

Past Courses:

India China Interactions (2010 -) NINT: This undergraduate course was a requirement for students studying in India, China and at The New School who participated in the India China Knowledge and Capacity Building Initiative program (ICKCBI). Taught by a various ICI-affiliated professors, the course emphasized critical perspectives on historical and contemporary India and China. In interested in this course, please visit this page periodically as it will be offered again in the future.
China Urbanized: The Making of the Chinese Middle Class (Spring 2014)
Everyday Religion in India (2012) 
China in Revolution and Reform (2012)
The State and Market in China (2012)
Ecology and the Himalayas (2012)
Environmental Sustainability in China and India (2012)
Final Frontiers: Arctic Geopolitics in the Era of Climate (2012)
World Political Economy (2012) GECO 5108
Civil Society and Democratic Life: a Tocquevillian Perspective (2011) GPOL 5046
Constitutional Revolutions: Judicial and Political (2010) GPOL 5110
South Asian Politics (2010) GPOL 6318
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