Over the past half-century, there has been little opportunity for Indian and Chinese scholars to reach across disciplines and borders to study relations between these two countries. Since our founding in 2005, ICI has supported hundreds of scholars, professionals and students through a variety of grants, fellowships and initiatives. In addition, we employ a number of New School students to help run and staff our New York office. Continue reading to learn more about all of these.


To learn about the various Fellowships and Grants we offer for students and faculty, click here.

For those interested in individual research, ICI offers a Summer Travel Research Grant, an opportunity for six New School students to travel to India or China and conduct research on a topic of their choosing. You can read more about what the current Student Fellows are doing in their blog posts.

The China India Scholar-Leaders Initiative (CISLI) supports junior faculty with recent PhD degrees interested in working on issues of Prosperity and Inequality in India and China. The Fellowships are for 2 years, and includes research and fieldwork support. More information is available on the CISLI page.

We also support scholarship and research for advanced graduate student from India or China through our Emerging Scholars program, which combines an annual Interdisciplinary Emerging Scholars Symposium on India and China Studies with an annual Emerging Scholars conference held at The New School.

The India China Fellowship Program provided scholars and experts from the US, India and China with the academic, financial, and professional support needed to focus on trilateral exchanges. In essence, ICI creates an academic space for these fellows to work together across borders, contributing to edited volumes and social web platforms, and participating in round-table discussions and conferences around the world.

The India China Knowledge and Capacity Building Initiative (ICKCBI) gave students from The New School, University of Calcutta, and Yunnan University an opportunity to spend one month in China and one month in India while working together on research projects of various nature. This project ended in 2013.



Every year the India China Institute usually hires several student Research Assistants (RA’s) to help with event planning and coordination, research and administrative support. To learn more about current job openings at the India China Institute check our employment page here.



The India China Institute occasionally posts notices for post-doc positions to help coordinate our grant-funded projects. These are typically 1-2 year positions and involve a mix of teaching, research and program development and support.

*Note: There are no postings open at this time.


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