The Third Cohort of ICI Fellows

The Third Cohort of ICI Fellows

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The centerpiece of ICI is the India China Fellowship Program, which aims to create an international community of experts and scholars committed to a critical, multidisciplinary approach to examining the reemergence of India and China onto the world stage. Since 2006, three cohorts of fellows have addressed challenging issues in three thematic areas: Urbanization and Globalization, Prosperity and Inequality, and Social Innovation for Sustainable Environments. The goal of these two-year residencies is to generate collaboratively produced policy papers and ongoing intellectual exchange.

ICI’s signature India China Fellowship Program serves as a cornerstone of research, exchange, and collaboration among experts from The New School, India, and China. Since 2006, ICI has offered two-year fellowships to academics, entrepreneurs, policy experts, politicians, artists, and journalists through a generous gift from The Starr Foundation. Six years and three rounds of fellowships later, the program has grown to include 37 fellows, representing over 15 academic disciplines and fields of expertise.

The strength of the program lies in the valuable resources found at the New School, its institutional partners, and the exceptional fellows themselves. The inaugural group of fellows focused on the theme of Urbanization and Globalization (2006–2008); the second looked at Prosperity and Inequality (2008–2010). As its initial grant drew to a close, the Starr Foundation permitted the Institute to use unspent funds from endowed professorships to initiate a third round of fellowships for 2010–2012 in the thematic area of Social Innovation for Sustainable Environments. This support allowed the program to offer fellows even greater opportunities. The program’s length increased from two years to two-and-a-half years. Consequently, participants from India and China may co-design and co-teach courses with their New York colleagues at the New School, granting fellows more chances to interact with each other, as well as with faculty and students.

The programs include at least three intensive one-week or two-week residencies in the United States, India, or China. These residencies aim to encourage intellectual exchange and knowledge building from a trilateral perspective, with the additional goal of generating jointly produced policy papers and the creation of a close-knit community of reflective practitioners and active scholars.

In addition to these residencies, fellows actively exchange ideas and information through ICI’s publications and interactive web space, as well as at roundtable discussions and conferences around the world. The Fellowship Program provides a sustainable mechanism of interaction for its core participants through academic, financial, and professional support. It provides them with the academic space, the information, and the tools needed to formulate reasoned and effective policies.


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