Who can contribute to the India China Working Paper Series?
Scholars, practitioners, and students working on the themes described in the call for papers are encouraged to submit papers.

Are the working papers refereed?
Yes. Submissions will be reviewed by members of our editorial board.

What themes and topics is the Working Paper Series looking for?
We welcome papers from any discipline. This includes but is not confined to India-China comparisons, India-China relations, and the historical and contemporary effects of India and China together in the global context. On occasions, papers written exclusively about India or China would be considered if the editors feel that the theme has significant relevance to both countries.

How long should the paper be?
Submissions of any length would be accepted. However, working papers are expected to be of journal article length, e.g. 30-40 double-space pages.

Do you accept papers in languages other than English?
All papers should be submitted in English.

How do I submit a paper? What file formats are acceptable?
Submissions are accept only through the submission link posted on the Working Paper Series website. We request that all papers be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

Will the reviewer be anonymous?

Will the Working Paper Series copy edit my paper before publishing on the website?
Authors are advised to proofread their own papers or request assistance from their colleagues. The series will not be responsible for copy-editing your paper but the editors may present suggestions for revisions.

I have received comments on my paper from a Series editor. Can I revise my working paper?
You will be encouraged to do so prior to the editorial team’s decision on acceptance.

Can I submit previously published papers for the Working Paper Series?
No. We encourage submission of original, previously unpublished research or writings.

Can I revise my paper once it is published online?
We do not accept further revision after a paper has been published online.

If my paper is accepted by the India China Working Paper Series, may I submitted for publication elsewhere?
Yes. The authors own the right to the papers. They may publish them elsewhere. The series is a means of circulating work in progress.

What are the advantages of contributing a paper to India China Working Papers Series?
1. Your paper will have the benefit of being reviewed by at least one member of our editorial board.
2. An online version of your paper in a formal working paper series facilitates distribution of your ideas and solicitation of comments. If you intend to publish your paper in a journal or book eventually, submitting it to the India China Working Papers Series will allow you to cite it while the paper is still in an early stage. It is a means of establishing ownership.

Where is the India China Working Paper Series published?
All papers will be published online at indiachinainstitute.org/workingpapers.

How is the India China Working Papers Series distributed?
The papers will be distributed via the extensive network of India China Institute fellows and associates in India, China, the United States, and other countries.

I am worried that my ideas will be plagiarized if I am published online.
In fact, the contrary is true. Online publication makes stealing your ideas without credit more difficult.

How do I cite a paper from the India China Working Paper Series?
All the papers will be assigned a number based on the year in which the paper was accepted, e.g. the first paper published in 2011 will be India China Working Paper Series, #2011-01.

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