Did you miss an ICI event and wanted to watch it later? Did you enjoy a talk so much you want to relive the experience! Whatever the case, you will find an archive of our past talk videos below.

Two Countries: Many Relationships; India and China

If you missed our engaging talk with Ambassador Nirupama Rao, you can watch the video below. Her talk focused on the dynamics of India and China relations through history.   read on

Asia and Dissent in a Time of Strongman Leaders

If you missed our fascinating talk on India, China, Japan and Russia earlier this spring, be sure to check it out here. read on

Chat n Chai: 2014 Student Fellows share their research and travel experiences

Each year ICI provides six New School students with a travel and research grant to study in India or China. Students work in the field and conduct academic research. The 2014 cohort of Student Fellows joined us in a special Chat n’ Chai series focussing on their work. East student discussed their research methodology and read on

Social Justice and Dalits in South Asia | Event Recap and Video

If you missed our recent event on Social Justice and Dalits in South Asia, not to worry. You can watch a video of the talk below. With a combination of multimedia, personal testimony, and audience Q&A, the event provided a rich opportunity for those in attendance to learn more about and discuss contemporary issues facing read on

Arif Dirlik Talks Crisis and Criticism at The New School

On Monday September 8th, ICI’s Mark Fraizer moderated a talk by Arif Dirlik on the predicament of global modernity. Professor Dirlik has published extensively on the formation of the Chinese Communist Party, the history of Chinese anarchism, and post-colonial globalism. Some of his published works include: Revolution and History: Origins of Marxist Historiography in China, 1919-1937, University read on
David Zurick Sacred Landscapes

Land of Pure Vision: The Sacred Geography of Tibet and the Himalaya w/David Zurick (Video)

Land of Pure Vision: The Sacred Geography of Tibet and the Himalaya A public talk by David Zurick, with comments from Dominique Townsend, Columbia University and Rubin Museum of Art and Mark Larrimore, Eugene Lang College, The New School. This photo illustrated talk explores the intersection of faith and geography in the Himalayan region. It draws read on

Anti-Corruption Movements in China and India (Video)

We had a great recent event featuring Dissent Magazine contributor Mehboob Jeelani, Dissent Magazine Editorial Member Jeff Wasserstrom, The New Yorker Contributor Jiayang Fan, and Jonathan Shainin, Web editor at The New Yorker. The event was moderated by ICI Academic Co-Director Mark Frazier. For anyone interested in issue of political change and transformation in China read on

Sukhadeo Thorat discusses higher education in India

The India China Institute had the great fortune recently to host one of India’s premier education scholars in India, Sukhadeo Thorat. His areas of research include agricultural development, rural poverty, institution and economic growth, problems of marginalized groups, economics of caste system, caste discrimination and poverty, human development, education, the issue of slums, labor market read on
The Dao of World Politics

The Dao of World Politics Book Launch (Video)

Video from the launch of The New School for Public Engagement Professor L.H.M. Ling’s new book, The Dao of World Politics: Towards a Post-Westphalian, Worldist International Relations. This book draws on Daoist yin/yang dialectics to move world politics from the current stasis of hegemony, hierarchy, and violence to a more balanced engagement with parity, fluidity, read on
Lo Sze Ping at The New School

Lo Sze Ping on Chinese Environmentalism and Citizen Activism

We were very lucky this past week to have an excellent talk by one of our former ICI Fellows, Lo Sze Ping, who is a leading environmental activist and scholar in China. His talk was titled “Environmental Challenges and the Growing Citizens Discontent in China.” He discussed some of the background to recent environmental issues read on
Elizabeth Perry

Elizabeth Perry – The Cultural Foundations of Chinese Communism (Video)

April 15, 2013 How do we explain the surprising trajectory of the Chinese Communist revolution? Why has it taken such a different route from its Russian prototype? An answer, Elizabeth Perry suggests, lies in the Chinese Communists’ creative deployment of cultural resources – during their revolutionary rise to power and afterward. Skillful “cultural positioning” and read on

The Environment in India and China

Video recordings of the conference hosted by the India China Institute at The New School, New York on November 30 – December 1, 2012: Session 1 – Ecology – Part 1 Session 1 – Ecology – Part 2 Session 2 – History – Part 1 Session 2 – History – Part 2 > Session 3 read on

Who is Xi?

Video recording of the speech by Mark Frazier at India China Institute, The New School, New York on November 14, 2012: read on

China, India and the ASEAN nexus

Video recording of the speech by Prasenjit Duara at the Scholarly Colloquium on India China Studies, India China Institute, The New School,  New York April 26, 2012: read on

What is the Relevance of Marxism in the 21st Century?

This is the video recording of the talk by Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Prime Minister of Nepal – “What is the Relevance of Marxism in the 21st Century?”: read on

Film: ICI Fellow Milind Murugkar on India’s Food Security

ICI Fellow Milind Murugkar has recently done an interesting piece comparing America’s system of food stamps with India’s current lack of food security. By traveling to New York City, and interviewing food stamp recipients, Murugkar was able to gather first-hand knowledge of the United States system, its challenges and successes. Milind says, “We have used read on

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