The India China Institute (ICI) at The New School supports research, teaching and discussion on India, China and the United States, with special focus on making comparisons and understanding interactions between the three countries as well as their joint impact on the rest of the world. ICI is the hub of an international network of scholars...

Sacred Himalaya

ICI just launched a new three-year, Luce funded initiative called the Sacred Himalaya Initiative (SHI), which explores the interconnections between everyday religion, ecology and sacred landscapes in the sacred Mount Kailash area of China.

Economies & Societies

This fall ICI will launch a new colloquium as part of the ongoing Economies and Societies Initiative, called the Colloquium on the Economies and Societies of India and China (CESIC).

Upcoming Events

6:00 pm Deadlock to Detente: Indias Stra... @ Dorothy Hirshon Suite
Deadlock to Detente: Indias Stra... @ Dorothy Hirshon Suite
Oct 1 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Deadlock to Detente: Indias Strategic Doctrine and the Burgeoning Peace with Pakistan @ Dorothy Hirshon Suite | New York | New York | United States
Awash with militancy, ground zero for climate change, and on the brink of nuclear war, the Indian subcontinent has long been known as “the world’s most dangerous place.” But after decades of deadlock in the subcontinent, read on
6:00 pm Social Justice and Dalits in Sou... @ Orozco Room (712)
Social Justice and Dalits in Sou... @ Orozco Room (712)
Oct 7 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Social Justice and Dalits in South Asia @ Orozco Room (712) | New York | New York | United States
Across the globe, an estimated 260 million people are relegated to a lifetime of segregation, exploitation, and extreme forms of physical and psychological abuse, all because of the caste into which they are born. In read on

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Scholarly Network

From graduate students to prominent senior scholars, ICI has built an impressive network of the brightest thinkers on India and China - related issues.

Emerging Scholars

The Emerging Scholars initiative provides an opportunity for young scholars from India and China to present their ongoing research in a formal academic setting.

Student Fellows

Each year ICI provides six New School students with a travel and research grant to study in India or China. Students work in the field and conduct academic research.

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Sacred Himalaya Initiative Research and Travel Grants Emerging Scholars Symposium

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