Building a Community of Scholars

Established in 2005, the India China Institute’s (ICI) objective is to teach and explore new research and to provide opportunities for both The New School and our international network of innovative scholars, leaders and opinion-makers to engage in critical inquiries involving China, India and the United States. Within the past decade ICI has been successful in the promotion of the academic and public understanding on these issues through providing research and scholarship opportunities through fellowships, courses, publications, public lectures and conferences.

“It’s time to reshape the nature of big questions. At ICI, we are bringing together key people to rethink vital questions like: What are the truly important issues? How is the world changing? If we can get thinkers in India, China and the United States not only to agree about the biggest questions, but also to decide the shape and scope of them, then the answers will have a certain range of durability that answers in the past have not had. That’s a big ambition. But The New School has always been about big ambitions.”

Arjun Appadurai, India China Institute Co-Founder

The Big Picture

The following interactive presentation offers a sense of our past and current projects, our global network and community, and some of our past accomplishments.


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