Every year the India China Institute offers a variety of opportunities for young scholars to spend time in India or China conducting fieldwork and research. Some students conduct research through the Starr Foundation Summer Travel Research Grant or a Rubin Foundation Grant, while others have been involved with ICI-run programs, such as the India China Knowledge and Capacity Building Initiative (ICKCBI). To learn more about past student research and upcoming funding opportunities, visit our student resource and opportunities page.


The following individuals are current and past New School students who went to India or China to work on independent study project supported by a summer travel research grant. Please visit our Student Blog to see regular updates on their research and travels.

2015 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”chenz665″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”Karolina Kopek”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”Andrew Kuech”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”Atiba Rougier”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”kwallace”]

2014 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”mkaneti”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”mikaela.kvan”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”CarolinaCovic”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”tomasuribemedia”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”JosephRW”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”Tim”]

2013 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”saraesquibel”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”markowitzb”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”hous”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”jaffera”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”lestera”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”devashreesaha”]

2012 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”chang-chen-shen”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”miranda-ten-brooke”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”alison-schuettinger”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”nicholas_krebs”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”benedetta-valebrega”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”sofya_omelchenko”]

2011  Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”jeff_bailey”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”elana_bulman”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”elizabeth_catlin”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”bahar-tabakoglu”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”anamaria-vrabie”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”carol_wang”]

2010 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”stephanie-drozer”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”mala-kumar”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”aysel-zeynep-madra”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”jonathan_stiles”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”jennifer-thomas”]

2009 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”kelly-jo-cigman”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”mitchell-cook”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”li-kefu”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”ana-maria-ulloa”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”lily-wong”]

 2008 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”christopher-eberhardt”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”nathan-fisher”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”maria-mainil”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”cornelia-staritz”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”adriana-young”]

2006-2007 Starr Research Grant Recipients

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”ida-benedetto”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”lisa-bjorkman”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”david-bond”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”brian-denton”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”mika-mansukhani”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”sri-peddu”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”leilah-vevaina”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”xioyang-tang”]


The India China Knowledge and Capacity Building Initiative (ICKCBI) was a unique partnership among the University of Calcutta, Yunnan University and The New School. Exceptional students from the three universities participated in an eight-week field study program in Kunming (China) and Kolkata (India). In addition, faculty members from each country collaborated on designing and teaching graduate-level courses on “India China Interactions” which emphasized critical perspectives on historical and contemporary issues facing India and China.

2013 ICKBI Student Fellows

 [bc_member size=”125″ name=”grassi03″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”prabha”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”shalinik”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”anil_kumar”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”liuying”]   [bc_member size=”125″ name=”anna”]
 [bc_member size=”125″ name=”senshreya”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”mariajia”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”danielle”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”bhimsubba”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”riya”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”liu-wanrong”]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”mactyson”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”lwong10″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”balijiang”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”amy_zhang”]

2012 ICKBI Student Fellows

[bc_member size=”125″ name=”abebeh1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”alzurum1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”shiladitya_basu”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”bhattacharjeea1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”campbellj1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”chakrabortys1″]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”chowdhurys1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”duanr1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”gaox1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”imres1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”oviattp1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”renr1″]
[bc_member size=”125″ name=”sahas1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”sinhap1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”xue_li”] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”xuj1″] [bc_member size=”125″ name=”zhang_jiao”]

 2010 ICKCBI Student Fellows

2010 Student Fellows Fieldtrip

2010 Student Fellows Fieldtrip

  • Snehangshu Bhattacharjee, University of Calcutta
  • Samuel Donald, The New School
  • Wen Hua, Yunnan University
  • Tamara Johnson, The New School
  • Imran Philip, University of Calcutta
  • Michelle Raffani, The New School
  • Liu Ruiyu, Yunnan University
  • Priyanka Sarkar, Calcutta University
  • Sun Xianpu, Yunan University
  • Lu Xiaohui, Yunnan University
  • Yang Zi, Yunnan University