ICI Scholars Featured in ‘Mountain Sentinels in Action’

We’re excited to share one of the 2016 wrap-up posts from the Mountain Research Initiative (MRI) that featured several scholars active in the ICI network, among them professor Emily Yeh (US) and Shikui Dong (China). In this 4th 2016 in review post from the MRI, they offer some updates from their Mountain Sentinels Collaborative Network working in Asia. Professor Yeh mentions here recent trip to Tibet as part of our Sacred Himalaya Initiative, while Professor Shikui discusses his new book and work on grasslands and goat herding in Tibet. Professor Shikui was a former ICI Fellow in the third cohort from 2010-2013.

The Mountain Sentinels Collaborative Network takes a social-ecological systems perspective, where the emergent system properties are greater than the sum of its parts. While this systems perspective is one our guiding principles, in some cases, the parts are really, really interesting by themselves. Below are condensed statements from representatives of the Mountain Sentinels’ community regarding personal experiences this past summer.  As anticipated, it seems that it has been a productive and exciting time for all. Curious where your colleagues have been, what their research interests are and what projects they’re currently pursuing? Read on!

You can read the entire post on the MRI site here.

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