Ashok Smiling_2013The ICI website is a virtual resource for students, scholars, public intellectuals, and anyone interested in engaging with the conversation related to India-China. Through this online platform our aim is to provide a space for multiple conversations across disciplines, research, teaching and policy issues pertaining to India-China. You will find information on individuals and institutions associated with ICI, resources for students, scholars and the general public, and most importantly, an educational platform to help deepen understanding into the complex developments involving India, China and the global community. Having established a unique, vibrant community of India-China scholars and leaders and a channel through which work can be shared, we hope to build on the last ten years of ideas, networks, and projects. Thirty-seven senior scholars and over one hundred and fifty junior scholars have directly engaged in ICI programs. Our partnerships with the Starr Foundation, the Luce Foundation, and the Ford Foundation continue to enable us be a resource for scholars to enhance their research and teaching.

I am proud that ICI has become integral in advancing the larger intellectual mission of The New School. We welcome and encourage students to volunteer, consider working as research assistants, applying for ICI fellowship grants, and explore several new courses on India and China. I would like to thank all those who have been with us from the beginning and those who have joined us along the way to help build the core of a growing community. In particular, our Founding Directors, Arjun Appadurai and Benjamin Lee have provided guidance and advice throughout. I would also like to thank our Academic Director Mark Frazier, whose ideas shaped our conversations. I would also like to thank the ICI team, students, and volunteers who have and continue to be an essential part of our organization.Looking ahead, and in keeping with technological advances, we have redesigned and updated our website to make ICI a virtual hub of learning and resource for all.

Ashok Gurung
Senior Director
India China Institute
Professor of Practice, Julian J. Studley Graduate Program in  International Affairs, The New School

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