publications_thumbAs a university-based research institute engaging in critical inquiries of importance that pertain to China, India and the Unites States, the India China Institute (ICI) values the importance of publications. One of the number of ways ICI  has furthered scholarship on India and China is by supporting and disseminating collaborative inquiries and new research. Scholars from ICI’s past initiative, the India China Fellowship Program continue to emerge as prominent public figures – publishing journal and newspaper articles, appearing on television and radio programs, and speaking at conferences around the world.

As ICI matures, deeper, underlying questions and theoretical issues related to the nature of capitalism, democracy, poverty, environmental issues will emerge in future ICI publications and discussions on the cumulative impact will continue to lead  ICI’s ever-growing academic and public dialogue through unique and informed perspectives on India and China.

Working Paper Series

The India China Working Papers Series represents the latest research and ideas on the two countries, their interactions, and the impact of their relations at both regional and global levels.

Parallax Visions

The essays, articles, and poetry in this anthology reflect the collaboration and exchange of the leading scholars, economists, urban planners, and social scientists selected for the first fellowship program at the India China Institute (ICI) at The New School.

Growing Cities in a Shrinking World

Growing Cities in a Shrinking World presents shifting perspectives on the urbanization and globalization occurring in India and China. Productive dialogue between India and China is critical, especially at a time when both countries are actively removing barriers to reach out to each other and the rest of the world. This volume is significant for fostering dialogue that avoids preconceived notions and misconceptions. It focuses on asking the right questions and strives to find answers, however elusive.

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